The Extremism of "I'm Offended" - A Message About The Terrible Loss At Charlie Hebdo

As a site, blog, person who uses satire to laugh at the stupidities of life and those who make it so easy to knock down off of their self made pedestals... I couldn't go today without adding my name to the list of bloggers, journalists and satirical writers who were shocked and horrified by the terrorist attack on a place that not only shares my first name, but shares my mindset on the various extremists around us.

The internet has accomplished two major achievements over the past decade... 1) It has saved comedy; humor through memes, social media and forum commenting has not only broaden what it means to be funny, but it has given everyone a chance to joke and even improve on their comedic wit via comment voting systems. 2) It has given many people access to freedom of speech and expression.. particularly in countries that have never had it and whom to this day try to silence them.

The backward & barbaric religious rhetoric has been around for a long time...some are trying to use the "I'm offended" card to justify their shaming of those who wish to express their freedom of speech.  As we saw today, it was done in a violent and abhorrent way. Be it from the modern death throes of the out of date, useless extreme religious right...or the misguided authoritarianism behind the Cultural Marxism / Moralism 2.0  "social justice warriors" of the extreme left... trying to silence Free Speech via shaming, rhetoric, or worse, the barbaric violence seen today by the cowards who attacked the Charlie Hebdo paper... you have no place in this modern world driven by the internet.

Me and others can care less if you are "offended" "triggered" or what ever stupid crap you might spew about satire, comedy or artistic expression.  Offended by a cartoon strip, a video game or other piece of fiction or comedy...tough luck.  When cowardly attacks like this happen, it only strengthens the resolve of those like me who express and fight for freedom of speech.

"Offended?" "Triggered"...tough shit.  RIP those at Charlie Hebdo who lost their lives because some people were "offended"  Be it if you are a "social justice warrior" from the left or a "warrior of god" on the are an extremist and these actions are not to be tolerated and may those who wish to keep comedy, satire and freedom of speech keep up the real fight and stay strong during these tragic moments.  Life is too short to take it too seriously... laugh at it, make fun of it.

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