New 2015 FDA Labels For Internalized Miso Soup

A small group of  very obnoxious consumers, who this holiday season called for the banning of GTA V in Target retail stores, have now been triggered by yet another product on the retail shelves... Miso soup.

The group of mostly asexual nap-kin males and a few strongly colored hair female HTML typists* quickly jumped to twitter and tumblr to post their complaints about the once beloved Japanese soup.  They claim the name, "miso soup" too closely resembles the word "misogyny" and demand that the product either be pulled from the shelves or be labeled appropriately.  The complaining, hash-tagging and even a Kickstarter gained enough steam to prompt the FDA in labeling all Miso Soup products to the group's demands.

"This is a win for all who shop in the food isle and feel oppressed.  It's demeaning enough that food isles are never spaced wide enough to fit women who are big beautiful and healthy."
says Josh McIntosh, so-called "financial curator" behind Feminist Frequency and self-proclaimed "Social Hacker" The Feminist Frequency Channel has already begun a Kickstarter and Patreon campaign for their new special "Tropes vs Women in Soups" About $25,000 has been raised thus far for the special.  No word on it's release or others that have been promised.  When we asked when the next video will launch, we were simply told to "check [our] privileges before asking such questions."

*(edit: We were told  very strongly by many representing the group that they are not "typists" but instead wish to be called "programmers"... being that HTML is not a programming language we felt "typist" was the best word...but to honor their requests and those at the Indiecade & XOXOfest cons who've also posted their concerns for this wording... we will now refer them as "innovative programmers" in future posts)

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