Official Selden, Long Island Action Figure [New In The Box]

I swear Amazon sells everything... even my home town's official action figure.

Basic Figure Includes:

  • 3 live cats
  • 3 dead cats
  • 3 stuffed cats
  • 2 pieces of Raymour & Flanigan expensive piss-stained furniture

Deluxe "Long Island OCD Edition" Includes:

  • 4 live cats
  • 5 dead cats
  • 5 stuffed cats
  • 2 pieces of Raymour & Flanigan expensive piss-stained model furniture
  • 2 Bob's Furniture Store model beds with blood stains, used Walmart McDonald hamburger wrappers, toy pile of clothes & a toy model of the Montauk lighthouse..all piled haphazerdly on the bed.
  • "Disability" paperwork
  • Pull string so she speaks 5 Long Island catch phrases...
  1. "I love the hamptons!! Do you love the hamptons!?!"
  2. "Long Island beaches are best beaches...lalalalala I can't hear you!!"
  3. "Of course it's expensive to live here!  I want to tell people I'm from New York! You should be honored to live here!"
  4. (loud inaudible screaming and rambling)
  5.  "I'm NOT STRESSED!!"
  • Deluxe set also includes her estranged son Daniel, complete with ritalin and gluten free pizza.

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