Nintendo Finally Creates The Samus Suit Tumblr SJWs Can Approve

Today Nintendo gave into demands by self proclaimed gamers, Anita Sarkeesian and Zoe Quinn by creating a new alt Samus Suit in the upcoming Smash Bros U game.  This, after the previous little number seen below "triggered" SJWs across suburban cul-de-sacs to rage tweet... "OMG #IDontEven!"

The newly redesigned outfit has been herald by SJW sites across the web as a "step forward for female rights and sexuality...

Polygon reviewers rated it "a 9 out of 11!"

Tumblr raves...

"It's only way to keep those damn cis shitlords from raping Samus with their eyes."

SRS claims...

"If we can only now make it legal to kill neckbeards who say the R-word, the world will be a better place for us BRDs and dragonkin."

Nintendo failed to comment much more about the change in design other than stating,

"Sorry, we would say more, but we fear any additional word we say will 'trigger' those who were offended by Samus' previous outfit"

Turns out shortly after their comment though, a new Twitter and Tumblr campaign titled "#CISNES" gained steam since apparently Nintendo saying the word "additional" "triggered"  and "deeply offended" SJW across middle class America.

Currently, a new kickstarter by Anita Sarkeesian has begun to fight what they claim is "Nintendo not checking their privileges"

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