'Twas the Night before Christmas. An SRS Tale

I know, I'm a day late...but I couldn't help let this awesome parody of a Christmas classic pass.  It's by Reddit user, Laziness in this post.  For those not aware, SRS or "Shit Reddit Says" is basically a  feminist reddit forum/subreddit group, yet tends to be in of itself a hate/prejudice-group that mainly trolls Reddit with downvote brigades, comment stalking and witch hunts to some people who probably deserved maybe a bit a flack ...but also toward others who did the crime of not fitting in their rather particular mold....

'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the land
SRSers were looking for more white men to ban
They decorated each other with feminist flair
And discussed social issues while pretending to care
For the plight of women, children and blacks
And how it made them all angry, regardless of facts
They discussed left-wing agendas like a right-wing fanatic
And inventing terms like 'cis' and 'problematic'

Then suddenly into their sub, who should appear?
Why, old Saint Nick bringing holiday cheer!
He came bustering in like a Christmas tornado!
But before the dust settled SRS called him a pedo
You see Santa was the epitome of what SRS forbids
For starters he focuses too intently on kids
He won't visit the children of your Islamic neighbor
And they say he forces his elves into slave labor
He appropriates reindeer culture ever so slightly
And has a subservient wife who he no doubt rapes nightly

So every Christmas SRS remembers this tale
And how Santa is a privileged cisgendered white male
And despite Santa's reputation of being loved and adored
SRS knows the truth; he's just another shitlord

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