CNBC Censor/Removes Video of Elizabeth Warren Defending Glass-Steagall

The 2008 financial crisis hits a chord with me both as a blogger and as a business owner.  It was the crisis and the criminal negligence of the big banks that prevented me from building my anime figure business the right way with a small business credit line.  To this day, good luck trying to let the big banks prove their word that they are there for small businesses.  Spoiler alert, they aren't.
 A new startup company that can possibly help the abysmal US job market by hiring jobs, not abiding by nearly criminal unpaid internship practices and other ridiculous HR tactics probably won't get you that loan/line of credit you need to actually be able to hire. As of this post, the financial crisis has hurt everybody but those who asked for a handout, Wall Street.  All of the indexes are higher than they've ever been before and every single rich mogul of society who cried poor in 2008 all have their fortunes returned with interest.  This mind you is of course a group of people whom probably lack the intelligence to wipe their own asses due to unpaid interns doing it for them their whole lives. It was my bashing of Paulson and the other criminals of Wall Street that got me on to the front page of BusinessWeek, a quick moment writing articles for them and even dinner at their CEO suit in NYC.  Of course, this was before Police State loving Bloomberg bought them out.

One of the only people not bought out and not adhering to the mouthpieces on the propagandized american media, is Elizabeth Warren.  She's probably the only one in the Senate actually fighting for the obliterated middle class.  She spoke out against Paulson when he bypassed the vote of the people to not bailout the banks.  Warren tends to get in the faces of privilege assholes when nobody else in the room will speak up.  It's no surpised that this story from American blog and then promoted on to this post in has gained popularity.  Also, with the way bought out American media has been spinning things, from the heroism of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, praising the Police State /  Martial Law antics that (didn't lead to the) catch the remaining Boston bomber, and over broadcasting the Zimmerman Case... it's no surprise to hear that CNBC chose to remove this video.  

In the video, Warren is defending her push to bring back Glass-Stegall and rid of the whole "too big to fail" bullshit that festers the financial market; a market I feel is poised for yet another and even greater bubble burst thanks to ridiculous student loans, no real paid jobs unless you do slave work, and of course the act that housing in most areas here in NY didn't realize their $100K are still not worth $400K.  This time though there'll be no middle class left to back them up.  

Elizabeth Warren is fighting to get the power back in the hands of the average citizens and let the risks fall on those who wish to gamble, and them only. Something the commanders of unpaid slaves interns at a major news companies, don't want the average American to hear.  They want their rich contributors who tell them what is news to continue to tell the American people what to think. Their dialog isn't about how the NSA and government is spying on us and neither is their dialogue in tune to how the banks, employers & the job market is screwing everyone over. Seems Warren's stance pissed off the heads of NBC and

Just watch any of the ridiculous morning news channels in America compared to say the BBC & NPR.. and this is the real dialog...
The economy is doing great... look, the Dow Jones is above 15,000!  Job numbers look great too.  No, no, that drop in unemployment isn't due to low paid shit retail jobs, internships, and unemployed dropping out of the system...there's jobs everywhere and our magical 'job creator' overlords are all doing better now!  If you can't find any help at the moment, just you wait, 'job creators' in the financial district will trickle it all down to you, our listeners.  Also, that's not news people.  Come on, let's talk about a royal baby and how a deadly scuffle was all about race.
Of course, that's all a load of bull and we should stop coddling to this garbage.  So, in addition to this insane rant here on my blog, I'll add to the woes of CNBC in tune to the reddit post's comments and post the current reupload of the video and the link to download it so you can reupload it if CNBC think about taking it down...

Here's the video:

Here's where you can download it for keeps or to reupload it:

Listen, I'm a business-minded person. If a bank wishes to put their customer's funds at risk with security trades, swaps, etc for them to possibly make more money... fine, do it.  Problem is, such banks shouldn't then have FDIC insurance, the customers of that bank should be a aware of the risks before they put their money in their system and if the bank fails, too bad.  Like any small/midsize business in america... you fuck up, you don't get a bailout.  All banks are businesses and should be treated as such...they should not be treated as some magical entity that isn't "allowed" to fail.  Funny how the big banks tout capitalism and business ownership when in reality, when they get big enough, they sure as heck act as if the try and fail aspects of capitalism suddenly don't adhere to them.  

I'm hoping that concepts like Bitcoin and the internet in general continue to give more power to the individual as oppose to government & big banks... be it freedom of speech, or of course, our finances.  Let those who gamble take all of the risks and rewards and leave those who don't participate, out of it.

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